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Zentrale Anlauf-, Beratungs- und Vermittlungsstelle. Beekstr. 45 Duisburg. Tel: / Öffnungszeiten: werktags In Kooperation und „unter einem Dach“ mit der Stadt Duisburg bietet das Diakoniewerk in der ZABV folgende Leistungen an: Erst- und Intensivberatung/. Hier findest du hilfreiche Orte und Ausgehmöglichkeiten auf und in der Nähe von Beekstr.: Parkplätze, Hotels, Restaurants und weitere Services wie. Erkoc Sima Couture Bülent. Beekstr. 33, Duisburg, Altstadt. Blumengrüße versenden mit Euroflorist. (02 03). Duisburg / Beekstraße: Eine Straße im Stadtteil Altstadt, die sich - je nach Abschnitt (z.B. Anliegerstraße & Fußgängerzone, sonstige Wege oder Plätze für.

Beekstr Duisburg

Informationen, Details, Straßenkarte und Bilder: Beekstr. Duisburg Altstadt Vergleich. 21 Jahre wenden sich bitte an unsere Jugendsuchtberatung. Kontakt. Drogenberatung Duisburg-Mitte. Beekstraße 45 B | Duisburg Tel. 71 Jobcenter GmbH Beekstr. Welcome to the heart of the Ruhr Area. CURA-San GmbH, Duisburg Dellviertel, Die CURA-SAN mit Sitz in Duisburg wurde von​.

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Forum came about because Duisburg was losing a lot of potential retail business to Essen, which is only 20 kilometres to the east.

The mall has 80 stores, attracting tens of thousands shoppers a day from across the Ruhr area and even beyond the border with the Netherlands.

If you get peckish there are a few dining options in the Forum, or you could make for the CityPalais across the way, which has cosmopolitan choices like sushi, Italian, Indian and Chinese.

A few kilometres up the Ruhr and just past the zoo is an exciting industrial relic, a metre Neo-Gothic water tower that has been turned into a museum.

When the tower was renovated an elevator was installed in the water tank that once stored more than , litres. The tour begins at the observation platform at the top of the building, where the entire Ruhr area is laid out before you.

Source: tripadvisor. On the Inner harbour, Explorado is a museum for kids aged four to twelve where the goal is to learn through interaction, exercise and hands-on games.

Over three floors are more than stations designed to help them solve everyday problems, learn about natural phenomena and get to know different professions.

And as it was the only prominence for miles around, the metre hill was fortified from the Stone Age up to around 1, years ago. You can find another monument, to Kaiser Wilhelm I and the ruins of a water tower.

The largest collection of its kind in Germany has over devices, the earliest going back to , and mostly still in working order.

Also in the exhibition are early tape recorders, both German-made and foreign and all presented with affection. You can learn everything need to know about early broadcasting in Germany, from the technical development of radio tubes to the birth of short wave radio after the war.

Kamp Abbey dates to and became wealth very quickly, giving birth to a host of religious houses in Germany and the Netherlands during the Middle Ages.

The Cistercian Abbey was secularised in , but after the Second World War there was a small Carmelite community until So you could plot a couple a destinations on the map and use Duisburg as a springboard for journeys into a landscape that has experienced dizzying change in the space of a century.

Gasometers, collieries, coking plants, steelworks, breweries and railway depots are all over the countryside.

Source: duisburg. The gardens have recently been re-laid and contain perennials, rhododendrons, herbs, vegetable patches and greenhouses growing Mediterranean flora like citrus trees, olive trees and oleander.

There are some strange sights to see, like ocean-going freighters, warehouses bigger than football pitches, docks up to a kilometre in length and the kind of giant container cranes that normally inhabit seaports.

Travel Guides. Source: Shutterstock. Check out the recommended hotels in Duisburg, Germany. Source: T. Duisburg is in the Lowland Rhine area at the confluence of the Rhine and Ruhr and near the outskirts of the Bergisches Land.

The city spreads along both sides of these rivers. Since 1 January , Duisburg has been divided into seven districts or boroughs Stadtbezirke from north to south: [7].

Duisburg has an oceanic climate Köppen : Cfb. Another interpretation assumes that the name is derived from the Old German "duis" which means "hill".

Thus, a place on a hill overlooking the Rhine, that could refer to the area of the present Town Hall.

Duisburggau Diuspurgau was also the name of the medieval Gau country subdivision on the Lower Rhine. A legend recorded by Johannes Aventinus fl.

There is nothing to establish any historical basis for such an early founding of Duisburg, which would have made it among the earliest cities in Europe.

Latest archaeological studies show that the present-day market-place was already in use in the first century. It has been the major central trading place of the city since the 5th century.

The city itself was located at the " Hellweg ", an important medieval trade route , and at a ford across the Rhine. The Romans already guarded the ford.

Due to the town's favorable geographic position a palatinate was built and the town was soon granted the royal charter of a free city.

Duisburg became a member of the Hanseatic League. Around the river Rhine moved westward from the city. This put an end to the city's development as a trading town and it soon grew into a quiet rural city.

The productions of cartographer Gerardus Mercator and the foundation of a university in established the city's renown as "Educated Duisburg" "Duisburgum Doctum".

The rise of tobacco and textile industries in the 18th century made Duisburg an industrial center. Big industrial companies such as iron and steel producing firms Thyssen and Krupp influenced the development of the city within the Prussian Rhine Province.

Large housing areas near production sites were being built as workers and their families moved in. A major logistical center in the Ruhr and location of chemical, steel and iron industries, Duisburg was a primary target of Allied bombers.

As such, it is considered by some historians [ who? On the night of 12—13 June , British bombers dropped a total of tons of bombs in and around Duisburg.

As part of the Battle of the Ruhr , another British raid of bombers destroyed the old city between 12—13 May with 1, tons of bombs. During the bombing raids , 96, people were made homeless with countless lives lost.

In the city was again badly damaged as a total of 2, tons of bombs were dropped on 22 May. On 14 October, the tonnage was repeated with 2, tons when Halifax , Lancaster , and Mosquito bombers appeared over Duisburg as part of Operation Hurricane.

This daylight raid was followed by a night attack; over 24 hours about 9, tons of HE and incendiaries had been dropped on Duisburg.

Numerous similar attacks followed until the end of The Allied ground advance into Germany reached Duisburg in April The US 17th Airborne Division , acting as regular infantry and not in a parachute role, met only scattered resistance in the vicinity and captured the city on 12 April Helmer Swenholt , commanding officer of the nd Engineer General Service Regiment , constructed a railway bridge between Duisburg and Rheinhausen across the Rhine.

It was meters long, and constructed in six days, fifteen hours and twenty minutes, a record time. It was named the "Victory Bridge". A total of bombing raids had almost completely destroyed the historic cityscape.

Almost the whole of the city had to be rebuilt, and most historic landmarks had been lost. Beginning in the mids, the decline of Duisburg's steel and mining industry caused a significant loss of residents.

While in approximately , people were living in Duisburg, the number had shrunk to , in Duisburg celebrated its th anniversary in The city's population recovered a little in the following years, up to , in It declined to , in On 19 July , it was hit by a tornado.

The municipal theater and parts of the city center were damaged. The city hosted the 7th World Games in In , 21 people died because of a mass panic at the Love Parade ; over people were injured.

Population structure of non-German residents: [13]. In about there were citizens of the PRC in Duisburg, while in about there were about 1, Duisburg is home to 85, people of Turkish origin.

Duisburg Inner Harbour [21] is the largest inland port in the world. Numerous docks are mostly located at the mouth of the Ruhr where it joins the Rhine.

Each year more than 40 million tonnes of various goods are handled with more than 20, ships calling at the port. The public harbor facilities stretch across an area of 7.

There are 21 docks covering an area of 1.

Eine Übersicht über Restaurants Beekstr. Burgplatz Meter entfernt. Familienangebote für Duisburg. Die meinestadt. In der Nähe. Paar- und Ehebe Städtische Gemeinschaftsgrundschule Klos In beide Richtungen befahrbar. Wolkenkrippe 1. Dolphin Game in Duisburg. Nicht notwendig Nicht Mercure Casino. Hotel Conti Duisburg. The Romans already guarded the ford. South American. As for terrestrial animals, the zoo is noted for breeding fossas, which are cougar-like Tipico Handy endemic to Sv Todesfelde. Autobahn A40 also serves major through traffic from the Netherlands to Berlin and points east. Städtische Gemeinschaftsgrundschule Klos Vincenz Klinik Meter. Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz Dellviertel Meter entfernt. Details anzeigen. Sonnenwall 13, Duisburg. An der Bleek Dellviertel Meter entfernt.

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Übernachten in Duisburg. In der Nähe von Beekstr. Wolkenkrippe 1. Deutsche Städte im Ranking Die meinestadt. Venusgasse Meter entfernt. Niteroom Duisburg. Ärztlicher Notdienst in Duisburg. Budget Mercure Hotel Duisburg City. Check out the recommended hotels in Duisburg, Germany. In a lovely Art Nouveau public baths from the s is a museum about the social and technical history of inland navigation. Hotels Pesas AllSteaks. There are very good restaurants near the Reifen John Rosenheim. As part of the Battle of the Ruhranother British raid of bombers destroyed the old city between 12—13 May with 1, tons of bombs.

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ÖLSR Beekstraße 21 Jahre wenden sich bitte an unsere Jugendsuchtberatung. Kontakt. Drogenberatung Duisburg-Mitte. Beekstraße 45 B | Duisburg Tel. 71 Die besten Restaurants, Bars, Imbisse und Cafés in Beekstr. 4, Duisburg. Steinsche Gasse 48, Duisburg. Restaurant Amerikanisch Mexikanisch. März von der Schwanenstraße zur Beekstraße in Duisburg-Altstadt um. Ab dem März sind die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter wie bisher montags. Informationen, Details, Straßenkarte und Bilder: Beekstr. Duisburg Altstadt Vergleich. Jobcenter GmbH Beekstr. Welcome to the heart of the Ruhr Area. CURA-San GmbH, Duisburg Dellviertel, Die CURA-SAN mit Sitz in Duisburg wurde von​. Übersichtlich und einfach aufgelistet und für jeden einsehbar. Briefkasten Poststr. Koch Thomas. Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz 5, Duisburg. Dies gestaltet sich oft als kleine Herausforderung. In der Nähe. Fast Food Döner Meter. French Magician in Duisburg.


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