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Välkommen till Resö Gamla Skola

The big school on Resö

The school was built in 1927. At this time, there was already an infant school on Torgelsholmen, and before this time, teaching had taken place in private homes – one room would be used as a classroom, on farms like Hogen, Gropen, Kinnet, Nordgård and others. On Torgelsholmen there was also a canteen for the school children.

The school was built using wood from the mainland. Unlike other wooden houses on the island, which were usually first built where the wood was cut, then taken down and moved; the schoolhouse was built in what was actually intended as its final location. As there was more timber than required, they were able to build a second house as well, which would later become Restaurant Panget. The foundation was dug by hand by August Lantz, and the stone base was cut and laid by stonemasons from Tanum.

CLICK HERE to read about how the school building has altered over the last century – until the business you see today, with conferences, rooms to rent, and Bed & Breakfast.


Members of the quality
brand Njord

Resö Old School is a member of Njord Närvaror in the north of Bohuslän - a local quality brand, which aims to highlight everything that is unique to the northernmost part of Bohuslän. Njord currently has around 20 members, which can roughly be divided into four categories or business areas: Fishing, Adventure Tourism, Food, and Other Products. Njord’s motto is: Quality – with roots in the North of Bohuslän and care for the future! Read more about Njord on

The full name of the brand – Njord Local Products North of Bohuslän – refers both to products from the local area and to our presence in this area. The waters along the coast of the North of Bohuslän are Sweden’s saltiest, deepest, and the most species-rich. Products from this part of the ocean are among the most flavoursome you can find, and only the very freshest are allowed to use the name Njord. There has been a local fishing industry in this area for thousands of years.
Even more modern industries, like tourism, have a long tradition in our area and many visitors have found their favourite holiday spot here. However, if the North of Bohuslän is to remain attractive, it must be a living area – throughout the year. This requires local businesses, which create employment opportunities both by utilizing and processing local produce and by developing new high quality products and services, based around the local conditions.

We who own and run Resö Old School have one foot in each of Njord’s main categories. CLICK HERE to find out more.


Certified to work in Kosterhavet

On the 09-09-09, Sweden’s first and so far only marine national park, Kosterhavet, was officially opened. The park is Sweden’s most species-rich marine area, with more than 6,000 different animal and plant species underneath the surface. The national park is one of the largest in the country, with around 38,000 ha of sea beds and water, and around 900 ha of land. In the north, it borders its Norwegian sister park, Ytre Hvaler, and in the south it stretches all the way to the waters outside Grebbestad. Resö is located more or less right opposite the national park and will become one of the so called national park entrances.
The Kosterhavet and Ytre Hvaler national parks have together certified around 20 Swedish and Norwegian companies as approved providers of activities within the national park, so called host companies. One of these is Resö Old School.

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Certified member of Swedish Welcome

We are one of many hundreds of members in Swedish Welcome working together for better experiences and a sustainable future. We are regularly tested by professional advisors, so you know how good we are and we know how to continue to develop and improve.

Swedish Welcome means that

  • You can be confident when making a reservation
  • We offer both guests and employees a safe and secure environment
  • We work for a better guest experience and sustainable development

CLICK here to read about how Resö Old School has been assessed and rated.

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