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Välkommen till Resö Gamla Skola

Members of the quality
brand Njord

Resö Old School is a member of Njord Närvaror in the north of Bohuslän - a local quality brand, which aims to highlight everything that is unique to the northernmost part of Bohuslän. Njord currently has around 20 members, which can roughly be divided into four categories or business areas: Fishing, Adventure Tourism, Food, and Other Products. Njord’s motto is: Quality – with roots in the North of Bohuslän and care for the future! Read more about Njord on

The full name of the brand – Njord Local Products North of Bohuslän – refers both to products from the local area and to our presence in this area. The waters along the coast of the North of Bohuslän are Sweden’s saltiest, deepest, and the most species-rich. Products from this part of the ocean are among the most flavoursome you can find, and only the very freshest are allowed to use the name Njord. There has been a local fishing industry in this area for thousands of years.
Even more modern industries, like tourism, have a long tradition in our area and many visitors have found their favourite holiday spot here. However, if the North of Bohuslän is to remain attractive, it must be a living area – throughout the year. This requires local businesses, which create employment opportunities both by utilizing and processing local produce and by developing new high quality products and services, based around the local conditions.

We part-own and run, through Anders, the company ResöRan AB, which owns the fishing boats SD 262 Carona and SD 57 Balder. Both vessels have been members of Njord for a long time, and have skippers who work for a local, sustainable fishing industry in the north of Bohuslän. The boats trawl for prawns and langoustines using equipment which is especially designed to be environmentally friendly and to minimise unwanted by-catch. The character of the fishing, i.e. local and close to home, also means that the Njord boats can land their catch the same day. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

The reason we have become involved in the fishing industry is that we want to ensure that Resö remains an attractive place both to live and to visit – and if we are to achieve this, a living harbour with an active fishing fleet is very important.

Resö Old School AB is also an active member of Njord, in the category Adventure Tourism. Apart from running our own business in the spirit of Njord, we also work with a number of other local Njord companies to offer activities, experiences, and products.

As a part of our ambition to help make the North of Bohuslän into a living area all year round, we 2010-2014 also owned and ran the grocery store Resöboden AB, which is a member of the Tempo chain. Tempo Resö cannot become a member of Njord, however, some Njord-marked products are sold in the store. In 2012, we invested in a refurbishment of the shop, to increase the floor space and offer more attractive premises. Please visit the website – and above all: welcome to shop at Tempo Resö!

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