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Välkommen till Resö Gamla Skola

Not only talking about it….!

We who own and operate Resö Gamla Skola genuinely care about the environment - and our local environment in particular.

We are active members in the local quality trade mark Njord, with the motto: Quality – with roots in northern Bohuslän and awareness about the future! In the section “About us” you can read more about Njord and how we work to ensure a sustainable future for the local fishing and tourism in Northern Bohuslän.

We are also certified members of the tourist organisation Swedish Welcome. Read more in the section “About us”. The philosophy of Swedish Welcome is: “Tourism is based on resources which include natural and cultural environments, water, energy, food and social responsibilities. Sustainable use of these resources is one of our most important future challenges.”

We at Resö Old School have developed an environmental and sustainability policy, which contains specific measures and working methods in all the above mentioned areas. As a guest you are very welcome to join us in this work, eg by using water sparingly, putting your waste in the right container and shopping locally. We are grateful for any suggestions for improvements or good practices that you might want to share with us.